Training for children and youth on Conflicts prevention and peace building.

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On 25th June 2020, through “”Iwacu ni Amahoro” and ” A long terme, Prévention des violences” Projects sponsored by Kvinna till Kvinna” SEVOTA organized training for children and youth on Conflicts prevantion and peace building.Unwanted pregnancies are among the causes of conflicts in families as it was described by facilitator Mrs. MUGIRASONI Chantal the in charge of Itorero ry’Igihugu, Coordination and community mobilization officer in Kamonyi District.Addressing to the participants, Chantal described how children do not get time to talk to their parents and often lead them to the use of substance abuse, bad peer groups, school negligence and most of the time these cause problems including unwanted pregnancies, which causes conflicts in their families as well as in society. ”You have to pay attention as you are lucky to be trained by SEVOTA in showing you the right way for your future, you have to play exemplary role in our district as well as in the country”. Said Mrs. MUGIRASONI Chantal.KAYIGANGWA Albert, Youth, Sports and Culture in Charge in Kamonyi district continued: “You are the strength of the country, we are lucky SEVOTA has started early to train you.” He said.He trained them about Saving and job creation from little money. By telling them how they can have a hen or chicken that gives eggs and step by step achieve more by becoming an entrepreneur . He told them also how they can have small savings like 100 coins or more by a week or a month in a peer to peer savings.After sharing their savings every one can be able to start a small business, which is very positive to Conflict prevention as everyone strive for development. Said the facilitator.After training, the participants took the following decisions:1. To increase the culture of dialogue with thier parents and between themselves and avoid bad peer groups. 2. To fight against substance abuses, and be relationship with God.3. To have a vision for life.4. Having saving culture, work hard and strive for a bright future.One hundred participants (100), attended.NB: Training were done in respect of measures to fight against the spread of COVID-19.

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