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Members of SEVOTA Currying The basket of Peace

The BASKET OF PEACE is one of the programs of SEVOTA Organization, where its members use it as a symbol of LOVE and PEACE, thereby visiting one another, whereas before, everyone was isolated, characterized by individualism, after remaining without any family, after Genocide that was committed against the Tutsi in April 1994, thus remaining with both physical and psychology wound.

Today, they are women who are characterized by laughter, smartness who befit Rwanda, and there are perpetually praying for its peace, prosperity and tranquility.

It is in this context that one of the programs which helps them to be happy is the BASKET OF PEACE, where they visit one another amongst themselves, every member carrying a conical Basket, and visit their colleague who doesn’t have any family member who ought to be supportive towards that woman whose turn of visitation has come, and share the happiness, and in doing so, she is saved from isolation, and such act helps her to sing about peace.

Despite the fact that SEVOTA organization enabled its members to achieve a lot, as well as having much more in store for them, in the process of rebuilding Unity and Peace, as well as rebuilding themselves.

MUKASARASI Godelieve the Founder and Coordinator of SEVOTA says that the BASKET OF PEACE is a mirror which reflects to everybody the rate of recovery from psychology and physical wounds by these parents who survived Genocide committed against the Tutsi in April 1994, after having all of their family members killed, hence being subjected to different types of violence.

Now they are Rwandan women who befit their households, their rhythm is Peace. It becomes immense happiness whenever they gather in the act of the BASKET OF PEACE, in the household of one of the members, if any of the members gives birth; they provide gifts to her, if a member falls sick they visit her. In doing so, they overcome isolation, and make a positive step towards development; the program of the BASKET OF PEACE promotes Unity, as the basis of NDI UMUNYARWANDA program.


at a fellow member’s house to pay him a visit with Basket of Peace
on their way to visit a fellow member with Basket of Peace

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